About Us

By: Jake Mellor
Updated: October 6, 2021

Welcome to FrameChannel!

Trying to find the best mobile, broadband, and high-speed internet options in the UK is often a lot more challenging than most people expect.

It’s not that there are so few great options to choose from, either. In fact, there are more great high-speed internet choices in the United Kingdom today than ever before.

But that’s what makes it so challenging to find the perfect plan to fit your needs (and your budget)!

With so many different options and so many new choices being added to the market on a regular basis, zeroing in on the correct plan can feel like an uphill climb.

But that’s why we built FrameChannel.

Who We Are

Right from day one, we knew that we here at FrameChannel wanted to be the number one source for broadband, Wi-Fi, 4G (and 5G), and other high-speed internet options in the United Kingdom.

We recognized pretty early that while there was a lot of information about this critical piece of technology (a core part of outdated infrastructure), a lot of it was scattered and difficult to track down.

No longer.

Our team of technology experts spends every single day living and breathing high-speed internet in the United Kingdom.

We have put together a team of professionals that understand the ins and outs of the high-speed internet world in the UK better than anybody else.

We know the options that work best, the options that are probably best avoided, and the new cutting edge technology just around the corner poised to make the biggest impact on high-speed internet, too.

If you have been looking for someone – anyone – to help you sift through the broadband options today, find a new Wi-Fi set up, or choose the right 4G/5G plan, you’ve come to the right place.

What We Stand For

More than anything else, we are all about total transparency and distilling down a lot of the tech “buzz” regarding high-speed internet in the UK so that everyone understands exactly what’s going on.

Truth be told, this industry is filled with a lot of techno-jargon.

There are a lot of people in the high-speed internet space that speak only in “geek speak”. They forget that not everyone has a degree in computer engineering.

With our help, you won’t have any trouble navigating the high-speed internet world of the UK.

Even more importantly, though, you’ll always get the latest and breaking news about this industry too.

We’ll share details about:

  • New hardware to help you get the most out of your broadband connection
  • New Wi-Fi routers and systems to improve your wireless security and speed
  • New mobile plans that offer high-speed internet, unlimited data, and everything you need to stay connected on the go

And that’s just barely beginning to scratch the surface of what we offer here at FrameChannel!

If you are looking for a true one-stop-shop sort of source for everything that has to do with high-speed internet in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.

We have you covered.

Why We’re So Trusted

There are a lot of reasons our visitors and readers trust us so much when it comes to information about high-speed internet, broadband, Wi-Fi, and mobile plans in the UK.

For starters, we aren’t beholden to any specific service or any specific company offering these kinds of connections.

You don’t have to worry about a lot of awkward product placements. You don’t have to worry about reviews that are nontransparent or somewhat slanted towards invisible benefactors, either.

Instead, you’ll get this straight, honest truth about all that we uncover regarding high-speed internet in the UK.

Secondly, we are very fair and totally transparent about what we uncover, too.

This is not a site focused only on “puff pieces” to promote the good (and exclusively the good) services, plans, and platforms offering high-speed internet today.

No, we are going to share with you the unvarnished reality of different companies, different services, and different pieces of hardware designed to connect you through high-speed internet plans.

Sometimes this is going to go against the grain a little bit. We are okay with that. At the end of the day, we want our readers to be informed. We won’t ever mislead our audience.

Lastly, you can trust that our reviews, our posts, and our updates come from a position of real technical expertise.

Our team is incredibly experienced when it comes to high-speed internet and all the many facets that make high-speed internet possible in the UK today.

You’ll be able to tap into years and years of institutional and industrial knowledge not available anywhere else. Best of all, all of that info is going to be distilled down into easy to read and follow along with pieces of content, too.

Thank you for visiting FrameChannel and trusting us to help you make these important decisions going forward.

We won’t disappoint!