Best Student Broadband Deals UK

By: Jake Mellor
Updated: October 18, 2021
new broadband offers for students

Are you looking for a broadband deal? Access to a reliable internet connection is important while you are in school, so you need to get the best broadband deals. 

There are a couple of factors that you need to consider before settling on any broadband deals. You need to take your time and select one that will meet all your wants and requirements. Get to learn more about the best student broadband deals available in the UK.

Best Student Broadband Deals

NOW Broadband Fibre Fab

NOW Broadband Fibre does not have any deals specifically tailored for students. Nevertheless, they are among the top internet service providers in the UK. 

New clients joining NOW pay a £5 upfront cost. The joining terms dictate that you can either commit to a 12-month contract or make monthly payments. If the monthly payment plan suits you best, then you do not need a contract. 

The monthly payment plan favours students that often travel home during the holidays. On the other hand, you have to pay a high activation fee when getting into a contract with NOW.

Depending on the fibre infrastructure available in your area, you can get a package running at a speed of 11Mbps, 36Mbps, or 63Mbps. Through this, you can download anything from the web at incredible speeds. 

NOW Broadband is the best option if you are looking for cheap student broadband deals. 


  • Impeccable speed

  • Provision of a reliable connection

  • 24/7 availability 

  • Consistent connection

  • No interruptions because NOW provides a separate data and voice line. 


  • Expensive compared to a dial-up connection.

  • Reliant on the Internet Service Provider servers, any compromise affects the speed. 

  • Wireless broadband connections are susceptible to security threats. 

  • Their service is inaccessible in some areas.

  • Poor signal strength, especially during bad weather conditions. 

BT Student Broadband

BT Student Broadband is among the top providers in the UK simply because they have student deals incorporated into their packages. 

There are two types of packages available for students, the 9-month and 12-month contracts. You can save a couple of pounds every month, regardless of the package.

BT Broadband allows students to save money and at the same time maximize the use of the internet provided. BT is the only service provider offering 9-month contracts, which makes it the best option for students. You also get to enjoy amazing download speeds; however, this is dependent on the BT infrastructure in your area of residence. 

It is worth noting that you will need to incur a high upfront cost. The upfront cost is expensive compared to the activation fee charged on standard packages because of the short contract deals. 


  • Cheap monthly rates

  • 9-month contracts tailored for students

  • Fast surfing speeds this is dependent on their coverage in your area.


  • They charge high upfront rates.

Hyperoptic Student Broadband

Hyperoptic Broadband is also a great choice. It provides students with a steady and dependable internet connection. The steady internet connection provides smooth streaming of videos and gameplay. It also supports multiple users on the connection. 

Hyperoptic Broadband is more costly compared to other service providers. It is also worth noting that their services are not accessible in all areas. Therefore, you need to check for their availability in your area before joining.

Hyperoptic Broadband provides students with incredible surfing speeds. It offers a variety of packages. They have the ultrafast fibre performance deal that runs on up to 1Gbps. You can also settle on the superfast or ultrafast speeds that run on 50-500Mbps. These are the best broadband packages for a single user that does not need the extra gigabit speeds. It is entirely up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Students get to enjoy broadband deals at discounted rates. Hyperoptic also provides a 30-day rolling contract. You can look at the student deals available through the Student Beans section; this is once you select the package you prefer on their website. 

However, you will need to cover the activation fee charge on the month-to-month contracts. 


  • No phone line is required

  • Rated the fastest Broadband in the UK (up to 1Gbps) 

  • Incredible download and upload speeds. 

  • 30-day contracts


  • High upfront costs

  • Limited availability

  • Does not provide TV bundles

Virgin Media M200 Student Offer

Virgin Media is one of the most costly broadband service providers. It supports multiple connections. As such, the M200 Iis a worthwhile investment. Besides, you can always cost-share with your flatmates. 

Virgin Media M200 Broadband provides one of the fastest broadband deals. If you are constantly online taking classes and doing assignments, Virgin Media M200 is your best bet. It allows you to get work done smoothly and seamlessly.

You also get to maximize the value of your money. Virgin Media provides impeccable services to their clients. However, you have to cover a high upfront fee to join the Virgin Media student offer. The contract is relatively short as it runs for 12 months. On the other hand, the student broadband deal runs on a 30-day rolling contract but at a higher monthly charge. 

You also gain access to unlimited Wi-Fi plans when subscribed to Virgin Media. For instance, you can get ultrafast fibre; it is strong enough for you to share with your flatmates. 

However, setting up the Virgin Media M200 is a bit complicated compared to other service providers. The M200 uses a different broadband network. An engineer is required to help bypass your phone. If the house's previous occupant used Virgin Media M200 services, then the setup process is easier.  


  • Incredible streaming and surfing speeds

  • One can join the Broadband without a contract

  • Provides short 12-month default contracts


  • It does not cover all areas.

John Lewis Fibre Broadband

John Lewis Fibre does not have any tailored student broadband deals. Instead, they provide cost-friendly Broadband to its users on a short-term contract.  

The price of their packages is their main selling point. The packages range from 11 Mbps to 66 Mbps, all available at an affordable price. The cost covers the line rental, which is necessary for you to use their services. John Lewis Fibre Broadband does not require you to make any upfront payments. 

However, you cannot access ultrafast fibre download speeds. Setting it up is simple, John Lewis has customer support located in the UK. Their package deals come with a 12-month contract. You can terminate your subscription once the contract lapses. 

John Lewis does not provide short-term month-to-month rolling contract deals. If you want to opt out of their services, you will have to either pay a cancellation fee or wait until the agreement you made with them ends. 

If you do not mind getting into a long-term contract, John Lewis is the best pick for you and does not need high-speed internet. 


  • Short contract period

  • You get value for your money

  • Wide variety of good packages


  • Does not offer 30-day deals

Considerations When Choosing Broadband

The connection to a steady and reliable internet connection is the most important thing to students. Here are the primary considerations that you should make when choosing Broadband: 

  • Speed

  • Availability 

  • Reliability

  • Type of connection

  • Cost

What speed do you need?

The speed of your internet is critical. Slow internet speeds cause buffering; this makes it impossible for you to make any headway in your schoolwork.

Students should look out for providers offering speeds of 6 Mbps or higher. Such an internet plan will allow you to conduct the research you need for your assignments. 

Contract length

Broadband contracts may run between 12-months and 24-months, depending on the service provider you are using. Committing to a service provider for an extended period has a favourable implication because the monthly rate charged is cheaper. 

Other service providers make provisions for short-term or rolling contracts. You can cancel the engagement at short notice. A rolling contract is an excellent option for students that often make trips back home. However, these contracts are costly as compared to long-term contracts. You pay a little extra for the option of the contract at any time without facing any penalty. 


Internet in the UK will cost you around £18 per month for 10Mbps. On the other hand, a fibre internet package will cost you £22 per month.  

Bundles and Perks

Broadband comes with plenty of benefits and you can combine it with other services. The extra services may include landline calling and TV. 

It is not advisable to buy an internet deal that incorporates other services. Most times, students do not need landline calling minutes. Alternatively, you can stream anything that is on TV online. 

Are you interested in subscription TV?

Virgin Media cable TV is the most common Broadband and TV bundle. The bundle provides you with unlimited entertainment that includes movies and sports packages. You can also choose to go for the IPTV options. For instance, through your broadband connection, NOW and BT TV are delivered directly. 


Your usage is dependent on what you do when you get online. Videos consume the most data. Therefore, if you watch many videos online, you will need to select a deal with incredible speeds and more data. 


Do I need a phone line?

Yes, in most cases you need an active phone line. The phone line allows you to get fibre broadband into your space. Alternatively, standard ADSL broadband along copper phone wires could also do the trick. You need a line rental because your Broadband and phone share the phone line.

Do I need to buy a router?

A broadband connection will connect to your stationery gadgets directly. It provides fast internet speeds with remarkable consistency. It would help if you had a Wi-Fi router to establish a broadband connection on your mobile devices. You only need to couple your broadband connection with a quality router. 

Which Wi-Fi plan is best for students?

NOW Broadband is the most recommended Wi-Fi plan for students. The main benefits include:: 

  • Provision of 30-day contracts

  • Cost friendly setup cost

  • Great coverage across the UK.

Should I look into broadband bundles?

Broadband bundles best serve students that want to get multiple services out of the service provider. Besides, it is cost-effective to get these services as a bundle rather than make payments separately. 

How long does it take to install broadband?

If it is a new connection, you need up to two weeks to have Broadband installed. If the landline is already installed at your place, then your wait becomes shorter. You can make the installation without necessarily having to contact the engineer. 

I need a short-term month-to-month broadband contract, which provider should I go with?

John Lewis and BT do not offer month-to-month contracts from the providers discussed above. NOW Broadband has the best short-term deals for students. The pricing on their deals is also friendly. The only downside is that you will need to come up with a high upfront fee. The only way to bypass this is by committing to a 12-month contract. 

A MiFi device has a low setup fee; this makes it a great alternative, especially if you are not willing to part with all that cash. It also offers month-to-month Broadband. However, it is essential to ensure that your area has a great 4G or 5G signal. It is worth noting that their usage is limited, unlike the fixed-line Broadband. 

I want fast fibre broadband, which provider should I go with?

Hyperoptic Broadband provides the best and fast fibre broadband. You also get the best value deals courtesy of Hyperoptic, offering speeds of up to 1Gbps. The high internet speed makes the download and upload process seamless. 

The only challenge is that they use their broadband network, which limits its coverage. Virgin Media is an excellent alternative in this case; they also provide fast home broadband services.

I want to save as much money as possible, while still getting decent speeds. Which provider should I go with?

NOW Broadband fits this description. They provide competitive monthly prices as well as short-term contracts. Nevertheless, their monthly rolling contracts require you to part with a hefty upfront payment. 

Subscribing to 36Mbps or 63 Mbps on NOW Broadband will allow you to make your downloads at high speeds. It also comfortably supports up to 3 internet users. 

What broadband speed do students need?

A couple of factors that govern the amount of home broadband speed:

  • Number of users

  • Frequency, the users, get online

  • Their activities online determine the amount of data they use. 

How you make use of the internet will determine the amount of speed you need. The more people connected to the internet, the more speed you need. The internet can maintain a stable connection.

If you have three heavy internet users in the same space, the 50Mbps will be enough to cover their usage comfortably. Make use of the internet speed calculator to get a clearer picture of how much bandwidth you need. 

Can I use mobile broadband to get online more cheaply?

The broadband plans might be a bit costly. If you are looking for a more cost-effective option, the mobile broadband deal route might be worth your while. The MiFi gadget is the best example. 

MiFi enables you to get online at a cheaper rate. It allows you to connect to the internet through the 4G network. On the bright side, you do not need to get into any contract to use these services.

The only setback is that these gadgets come with data caps. Data caps prevent you from enjoying ultrafast fibre speeds. 


There are many things to consider before settling on any broadband service. Due diligence is an essential part of the selection process; it will help you select the provider that suits your needs. It is also important to ensure that their services are available in your area.