Best Broadband And Anytime Calls Deals UK (Unlimited Data)

By: Jake Mellor
Updated: October 20, 2021
Broadband And Anytime Calls offers

The hunt for broadband deals in the UK is relatively easy when you have no requirements in mind. Searching for options with unlimited anytime phone calls and broadband packages can make your choice a difficult one.

You want a broadband company that gives unlimited calls with excellent connection speed. Finding broadband deals that meet these criteria isn’t straightforward. 

Luckily for you, I've done the hard work by helping you get seven of the best options with unlimited anytime phone calls and broadband packages. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Unlimited Broadband and Anytime Calls Deals

I understand the frustration of having a great broadband subscription but using another broadband for calls. Apart from being a more stressful option, paying for two different broadband deals can quickly get expensive. 

That's enough reason to need a broadband deal with unlimited anytime phone calls packages. 

Another factor to consider is the internet connection. Averagely, the internet speed within the UK is around 64Mbps. You’d want a broadband deal that can at least give you the barest minimum. 

From my experience, here are seven top brands with broadband packages providing fast internet connections and unlimited anytime phone calls. 

NOW Fab Fibre Broadband Plus Anytime Calls

For most people, including you and me, we know NOW as a popular TV brand. But they have joined the bandwagon of brands providing excellent broadband services within the UK. 

The company owned by Sky PLC offers great broadband connections at a relatively average price. 

The broadband packages on NOW Broadband offer you internet connection and unlimited anytime phone calls. Each subscription package comes with a 12-month contract period. 

While the company is relatively new in the broadband business, they offer excellent value for internet speed. 

NOW broadband offers its users three different speed options alongside anytime calls. You have the ADSL broadband, with a speed average of 11Mbps — sufficient for less than five users and low data usage. 

If you want higher speeds, NOW broadband has also got you! You can try out the Fab Fibre package with a speed of 36Mbps, or you can try out the Superfast Fibre package with a speed average of 64Mbps. 

The upload speeds of NOW’s broadband packages start from 1Mbps for the ADSL. And for the Fab Fibre package and Superfast Fibre package, the upload speeds are 9.5Mbps and 19Mbps, respectively.

When you choose NOW broadband, you're not only choosing fast internet speeds; you're choosing a limitless service. There are no limits to your activities while surfing the internet with the NOW Broadband. 

Unlike some other broadband deals with traffic management processes, NOW broadband promises smooth and uninterrupted internet surfing. 

If you're anything like me, the amount you spend on broadband deals is as important as the connection itself. 

With NOW broadband, you have a reasonable range of £18 for the ADSL broadband package. The other packages, which include any time call deals, cost between £22 and £28. 

Affordability and speed aren't the only perks of the NOW Broadband.

When you purchase a NOW broadband subscription, you’ll get free anytime phone calls to landlines within the UK and the regular broadband packages. 

Likewise, you’ll get free installation and a free WiFi router which only requires payment for delivery services. If that is not enough, any package you choose on NOW broadband comes with a free six-month pass to NOW entertainment. 

Since NOW broadband is one of the broadband packages with unlimited anytime phone calls and internet surfing, you’ll need to choose a phone plan. 

You can choose the pay-as-you-use option. Also, you have an opportunity to choose the weekend package where you can make unlimited calls on weekends and in the evenings of weekdays. 

The last option is the unlimited call option. 

Another enticing advantage of NOW broadband is accessing some TV passes like Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.


  • No need for a credit check
  • Internet without limits
  • No initial cost for setup


  • Little or few freebies

Shell Fibre Broadband (With Anytime + Calling Plan)

You may not know this, but Shell Energy’s initial name was First Utility. 

In 2019, the First Utility team joined energy industry giants (Shell Energy) and changed the name during a rebranding. 

The simplicity of Shell Energy’s service is making their broadband deals a popular choice among broadband users within the UK. With the barest knowledge of internet broadband deals, you can easily understand the broadband packages available on Shell Energy. 

Shell Energy has one of the cheapest price tags in the industry. And despite these low prices, the brand also gives special discounts to already existing energy customers. 

Depending on your choice, you can get a Shell Energy package for as low as £16.99 per month. 

This price tag is for the ADSL broadband package with an average speed of 11Mbps. If you compare this number to the NOW Broadband, you'll notice the price is more affordable. 

You also have access to faster packages, and they all include unlimited calls over the phone anytime. 

Speed is one of the many features you'll enjoy while choosing the Shell Energy broadband. Asides from the ADSL package of 11Mbps, you have the Superfast fibre with an average speed of 35Mbps. 

You can also choose the Superfast Fibre Plus package with an average speed of 64Mbps. 

If you love faster speeds, you can also opt for the Ultrafast Fibre and Ultrafast Fibre Plus, with average download speeds of 140Mbps and 290Mbps, respectively. 

Each one of the packages comes with a mandatory 18-month contract. 

Of course, I know the speeds offered by Shell Energy broadband are enticing, so the next question may be the locations where the broadband operates. 

Luckily, Shell Energy broadband works with an Openreach network, making it available to most households within the UK. Therefore, all you need to do is to check and confirm with your postal code. 

The Openreach network feature also makes it easy to switch from the Shell broadband to another option. Unlike some other broadband deals, you can easily make a switch without necessarily informing your network provider.

Every single one of Shell Energy's broadband packages comes with internet connections and unlimited anytime phone calls. 

But you can also choose between an evening and weekend plus package, as well as the Anytime Plus package. These packages allow you to call any 01, 02, and 03 number UK numbers.

Shell Energy broadband also offers international call packages, which come with 600 minutes calls to landlines. Also, you have access to call up to 40 countries globally.

With Shell broadband, you may not need to pay any upfront cost for setup or installation. In fact, each package on the shell network comes with a free WiFi router with advanced features.

Customers are an integral part of operations for the team at Shell Energy. For this reason, Shell has an award-winning customer call centre based within the UK to help with customer queries.


  • Great customer service
  • Ultrafast speed options are available 
  • Discounts available to customers
  • No setup payment


  • Long contracts of 18 months as its only available option 

John Lewis Unlimited Broadband With Phone

If you're truly on a quest to find broadband packages with unlimited anytime phone calls and an internet connection, then John Lewis broadband is an excellent choice you should consider. 

Normally, people know the John Lewis brand as one with shops selling homewares across the United Kingdom. As such, the brand isn't too popular in the broadband connection space. 

But popularity isn't exactly what makes a broadband connection good. John Lewis has a partnership with broadband Giants, Plusnet, to help deliver excellent internet broadband services.

Therefore while they don't have a wealth of experience in technology, they have help from experts. 

John Lewis broadband offers its packages similarly to most common broadband connections. The package offerings are either the ADSL package or the Fibre package. 

The first and most affordable option is unlimited broadband which has an average speed of 10Mbps and a monthly fee of £20. You also have two fibre options with this brand.

They’re the Fibre Broadband and the extra Fibre broadband, with average speeds of 36Mbps and 66Mbps. The fees for the broadband packages sit at £27.50 and £30 monthly, respectively. 

Each John Lewis broadband package offers you unlimited connection, which means you can download as much as you wish. However, John Lewis broadband has a traffic management process in place.

Their traffic management protocol means there'll be some connection preferences at peak hours, which may slow down your connection for a little bit. 

The major reason John Lewis broadband is on this list of broadband packages with unlimited anytime phone calls and internet surfing is the variety of service offerings. 

There's no package on the John Lewis broadband that doesn't include a landline as a part of the package. You get free calls in the evening and during the weekends with the John Lewis broadband. 

You can always upgrade your phone subscriptions at affordable costs on the John Lewis broadband. With an extra £5, you have calls to any landlines within the UK, and if you make that £7, you can call up to 35 countries easily. 

Besides providing you with unlimited anytime phone calls and broadband packages, John Lewis also cares about you as a customer. 

All users will enjoy the protection of Bullguard antivirus to ensure safe internet connections. Additionally, users also get free setup and installation from Plusnet’s team of certified technicians. 

Electing to use a John Lewis broadband allows you to win loads of discounts and gifts, which may include a Google Smart speaker for their new customers. 

They also work closely with the 24/7 customer service team from Plusnet to provide solutions to service issues. 

You can even get a customised email on their website as a customer actively using the John Lewis broadband.

There are numerous pros and some cons of using the John Lewis broadband. Some of them are: 


  • 24/7 customer support centre
  • Every package has free calls in the evening and weekend
  • Limitless download


  • A traffic management system may slow down browsing speed. 

EE Unlimited Broadband + Anytime Calls

Since its launch in 2009, EE has had a lot of acquisition activities with different companies that all aimed to provide better broadband connection services. The company started as a by-product of the merger deal between Tmobile UK and Orange UK. 

Many people understand EE to be a provider of mobile network services, including the 4G and 5G networks. From my research, EE is the largest operator of mobile networks within the UK. 

But today, EE has diversified and now provides excellent broadband services, including packages with unlimited anytime phone calls. 

Currently, the owner of EE broadband is a company called BT, which owns another broadband network. 

The BT group bought the EE broadband brand in 2016. And because both brands belong to a single owner, their broadband offerings have multiple similar features.

However, EE’s broadband deals have some standout features which have earned them a place on this list. For the team at EE, the goal is for you to be online with excellent speeds and a reliable network connection. 

Whether you're a heavy or low data user, EE broadband has a package for you. If you're a low data user, you can stick with the ADSL 10Mbps. 

If you need a faster speed for your internet surfing, EE broadband has a Fibre package that offers you 38Mbps. 

Personally, my data consumption rates are on the higher end of the spectrum. If you’re in the same group, then you'll enjoy EE broadband’s Fibre Plus and Fibre Max packages. 

On the Fibre Max package, you have an average speed of 67Mbps. The Fibre Max package comes with different speed levels. 

There’s the Fibre Max 100, which offers 100Mbps. Users can also choose between the Fibre Max 300 at 300Mbps, and the fibre Max 900 speeding at 900Mbps.

It’s hard to find any broadband package that can offer you the connection speeds that EE delivers to its users. However, EE may not be the cheapest option because it’s a brand that focuses on ultra-fast internet speed. 

The ADSL broadband package on EE starts at £22.50 monthly, and you can get the router and other devices alongside installation for free. All EE broadband deals come with an eighteen-month contract. 

Similarly, every package on the EE broadband comes with a landline all across the United Kingdom. But if you want to make more calls, you may need to pay for a call plan. 

There are different offers for calls on EE — both locally within the UK and to international locations.

Some years ago, the surfing speed enjoyed on EE could reduce because of the traffic management policies in place. However, EE broadband has abolished the traffic management rule. 

Therefore you can enjoy uninterrupted Internet surfing without any hitch. Some of the pros and cons of EE broadband are:


  • You have antivirus security from Norton as a user of the EE broadband. 
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Ease to order for an EE broadband over the phone on 08000790075


  • Only a long contract of eighteen months is available.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre + Anytime Calls

Everyone wants a fast and reliable internet connection at the best prices! 

It’s easy to assume you’ll be paying a fortune for broadband packages that give you reliable internet and unlimited anytime phone calls. Thankfully, that's not the case when you choose Plusnet Unlimited Fibre. 

Plusnet broadband is one of the most prominent broadband connection providers within the UK. For Plusnet, their reputation usually precedes them. They even go as far as collaborating with other broadband brands.

Experience is not an issue for the team at Plusnet broadband as they have existed for more than 20 years. 

When it comes to speed, you can trust me when I say Plusnet is more than reliable. The different packages on the platform have designs to suit your different internet needs. 

If you're a single user who needs relatively low speeds, you can choose the ADSL broadband option with a 10Mbps average speed. 

If you need higher internet speeds, you can try out the Fibre Broadband and the Fibre Extra broadband with average speeds of 36Mbps and 66Mbps, respectively. 

Here’s a hack for you. BT broadband’s parent company is also the owner of Plusnet broadband within the UK. But they operate as two different Broadband brands.

If you make a switch from BT broadband to Plusnet, you’ll get recognition as a new customer and enjoy all discounts. 

Speaking about discounts, Plusnet is a highly benevolent company, offering great deals from time to time. Every now and then, there are numerous discounts you can enjoy on the Plusnet platform. 

For instance, there are times when some packages will cost as low as £19. The best part is Plusnet offers anytime call deals and broadband packages with flexible contract timelines. 

With the ADSL broadband, you can choose a 12 or 18-month contract. You can even operate without a contract at all. 

The Plusnet Fibre and Fibre extra packages give you a contractual option of either 12 or 18 months. 

Another thing you won't need to worry about is your phone line rental. Any Plusnet package you choose already has a landline connected to it. 

Automatically, the landline's settings already support pay as you use format. But you have the liberty to upgrade your package to include weekend and evening calls, unlimited calls, and international calls. 

You can quote me anywhere when I say this; Plusnet broadband's customer service is one of the best within the UK. It's so good that some competitor broadband companies have a partnership to use their customer service team. 

The customer service has the right training and patience to assist you with technical and connection issues. 

Excellent customer service isn't the only way Plusnet shows they care about you. The company has security software, Plusnet Safeguard software, designed to protect you from bugs and viruses on the internet. You can also upgrade the protection to Plusnet Protect for a higher protection layer. 


  • Flexible contract period
  • Limitless and fast surfing without download limits or traffic management
  • Excellent routers 
  • Great customer support team.


  • Sometimes, discounts may not necessarily be available. 

Virgin Media Fibre Broadband + Talk More Anytime

Besides writing, I sometimes love to do a lot of programming and internet research, which requires a fast internet connection. 

For this reason, I went in search of the fastest possible network I could find. Of course, I also wanted a broadband package with anytime-call deals. 

And I stumbled on the Virgin Media Fibre Broadband. 

Speed is never the problem if you choose Virgin Media Fibre Broadband for your internet connection. While some broadbands in this guide offer you 66Mbps as their maximum speeds, Virgin Fibre Broadband has a minimum speed of 54Mbps. 

It achieves these speed levels because it has Fibre optics dedicated explicitly to its broadband services.  

You have the liberty to choose between a total of four-speed packages on Virgin broadband. You can choose the M50, M100, M200, and M350 with average speeds of 54Mbps, 108Mbps, 213Mbps, and 362Mbps.

Each of the broadband packages includes internet and unlimited anytime phone calls over the weekend, which you can upgrade at a small cost. 

Virgin may not be the cheapest option for payment plans as a broadband connection, but it’s not expensive for the value it provides. You can get a deal for as low as £24 per month over an 18-month contract. 

Some of the pros and cons of Virgin Media include:


  • Ultrafast speeds
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Free repairs of equipment


  • Cost may be a bit high

BT Fibre 1 + Unlimited Minutes

BT is a household name in the provision of broadband connection packages within the UK. If you noticed, I already discussed two different broadband brands earlier owned by the BT brand. 

Besides being a household name, BT broadband gives you a wide range of options with its packages. If you're not a heavy data user, you can opt for the ADSL with an average speed of around 10Mbps. 

If you're a heavy data user, they have packages with average speeds ranging from 36Mbps to as high as 1000Mbps. It’s up to you to choose a suitable internet speed for the package you desire. 

Cost-wise, BT isn't exactly the cheapest option, but it isn't expensive. The prices increase as the speed package you choose increases. You can get a package for as low as £25 monthly and as high as £56 monthly. 

A subscription to any BT package gives you access to a payment rental line, but you can also upgrade each phone package at nominal costs. 

A payment of £5 gives you 500 minutes to call any UK landlines and mobiles while £7 gives you 700 minutes instead. Some of the pros and cons of BT broadband include:


  • Flexible speed packages
  • Flexible contract packages of 12 and 24 months. 
  • Reliable Internet connection 


  • A bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions.

Does Anytime Calling Involve Any Usage Limits?

Yes, anytime calling may involve usage limits, depending on the broadband you choose. 

Is Unlimited Broadband Truly Unlimited?

In most cases, there are no limits to unlimited broadband.

Can I Get Anytime International Calls?

Yes, some broadband packages offer international packages.

Which is the Cheapest Unlimited Broadband and Anytime Calls Provider?

In most cases, Plusnet offers you the cheapest packages.

Can I Get Unlimited Fibre Broadband and Anytime Calls?

Yes, you can get unlimited Fibre broadband and anytime calls.

How Much Does Broadband with Anytime Calls Cost?

At £25, you’ll get free calls on weekends and evenings. But for upgrading, you may need to pay an extra cost of between £5-£7.

Do I Really Need Anytime Calls or Should I Pay as You Use?

Anytime calls are always better because you pay once and call as you wish.

Do I Get to Keep the Same Phone Number After Switching Broadband Provider?

For many broadband brands, you’ll have the same phone number.

Which Providers Offer Unlimited Broadband in the UK?

All of the broadband discussed in this article offer unlimited broadband within the UK. 

Which Providers Offer Broadband Have Free Calls Anytime in the UK?

Some of the broadband brands discussed in this guide offer free calls in the evening and weekend. But you may have to pay for calls. 

Do Anytime Calling Packages Include Unlimited Call Minutes?

No, in most cases, there are limits to the minutes. 

Final Take

Broadband packages that offer internet connection and unlimited anytime phone calls are not common across the UK. With the information in this guide, you have everything you need to choose a broadband package in the UK.

Read through the different connection speeds, prices, and extra features. With this information, you can pick the ideal broadband provider for your needs. Good luck!