KCOM Broadband Deals 2022

By: Jake Mellor
Updated: January 2, 2022
KCOM Broadband with router

KCOM broadband is a leading provider of home broadband in the UK. If you're looking for a broadband deal that will suit your needs, then KCOM may be the company you want to choose.

Before you make a final decision, let me share some crucial information about switching providers. Keep reading to discover why KCOM might be the best option for you. 

What You Need to Know About KCOM Broadband

KCOM is the UK's leading home broadband provider. It has built its customer base of over 1.1 million on innovation, delivering a range of leading broadband products, including the fastest speeds in the UK and unlimited downloads.

KCOM provides leading broadband home products, including the fastest speeds in the UK, a no-connection fee option, unlimited downloads, and free wireless routers. 

These services are delivered through KCOM's 3,000 local, friendly telephone-based engineers and its national rollout of fibre optic networks.

With KCOM, customers can also look forward to regular improvements to their broadband service. For example, it has recently launched a range of new broadband products, including the fastest speeds in the UK, unlimited downloads, and free wireless routers.

KCOM is investing heavily in its broadband network, and as a customer, you will benefit from current and future investment in its network and services.

KCOM's broadband products are not only fast, but they are also of great value. In addition, KCOM offers a range of value-added services to customers. 

This includes a service that takes the hassle out of keeping customers' computers up to date, free unlimited telephone calls to UK landlines and mobiles, and a service that enables customers to access thousands of TV channels and radio stations from around the world.

KCOM Lightstream Fibre Broadband Packages

KCOM Lightstream packages include broadband, line rental, and a free wireless router and are available in the following products:

  • Full Fibre Lite – 30Mbps average download speed and 5Mbps upload speed

  • Full Fibre 100 – 100Mbps average download speed and 30Mbps upload speed

  • Full Fibre 300 - 300Mbps average download speed and 75Mbps upload speed

  • Full Fibre 500 - 500Mbps average download speed and 100Mbps upload speed

  • Full Fibre 900 - 900Mbps average download speed and 180Mbps upload speed

Why Choose KCOM Broadband?

KCOM has an extensive network, which covers around 96% of the UK population. It offers a price match guarantee on broadband deals from other providers that provide a similar connection speed to its own £24.99 per month sale.

KCOM broadband comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind and 24/365 support from KCOM experts who are on hand if you need them. 

There are many good broadband deals to suit every type of customer, and the company offers unlimited downloads and an 18-month contract.

KCOM has been awarded best ISP in the UK for three years, running at the last two annual consumer surveys, compiling ratings based on customers' experiences.

It offers several different broadband packages and bundles, including TV and home phone.

Can I Get KCOM Broadband Deals in My Area?

You can check for KCOM broadband deals in your area using the postcode checker. 

Enter your postcode into the search bar on the KCOM homepage to find out more about what is available at your location, including bundles and prices. 

It may also be worth checking with some friends or family members if they are already KCOM customers, as it may be possible to get a better deal if you are part of a larger contract.

KCOM Broadband Pros

Now that you understand a bit more about KCOM, let's explore the advantages.

  • It offers great value for money.

  • It has good upload speeds that are fast enough to watch video content online.

  • There are no data caps, so you can download as much content as you want without paying extra.

  • There are no activation fees, unlike other providers.

KCOM Broadband Cons

Of course, nothing is ever perfect. Below are the potential drawbacks of KCOM.

  • The average speeds are not as high as some other providers.

  • Speeds can vary dramatically depending on the time of day and whether or not there are other users in the area. 

  • Customer support could do better.

  • The company also only offers download speeds up to 100Mbps, which is not as fast as some providers.

KCOM Broadband Prices

KCOM broadband prices depend on where you live. If you live within KCOM's coverage area, you can buy broadband for under £50 a month.

If you live in KCOM's coverage area and don't have much choice, KCOM broadband prices are probably reasonable. But if you live in an area that KCOM doesn't cover, or if you want to get cable, DSL, or satellite broadband instead, KCOM broadband prices aren't reasonable.

How Much Does KCOM Cost to Install?

The cost of KCOM installation depends on where you live and whether you need to install a new system.

Standard KCOM Lightstream connectivity costs £25. This represents KCOM's full connection charge as there are no additional charges.

What's the KCOM Broadband Installation Time?

The KCOM housing team will visit your home within two weeks of receiving your application. The visit is to check whether the property is suitable for broadband and to find out if you're happy with the installation options. 

You'll be asked to sign a tenancy agreement and given an installation date, after which the install team will come to your home.

Your broadband installation should take no longer than 2 hours. Once installed, the company will test your broadband within 24 hours.

They will again contact you to arrange a 2-hour visit to check everything is working and send you any replacement equipment within ten working days.

Customer Support

KCOM has several good customer service options to suit your preference for contacting the company. 

It operates an online chat function via its website; for general enquiries, you can call customer support on 01482602100 or send a message through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


So you still have questions? Below, we have outlined our answers to some common inquiries about KCOM.

Does KCOM Broadband Need a Phone Line?

Whether you have a landline or not, KCOM broadband will work for you. They only need your phone line to deliver the service, after which they use the fibre to the premises network, also called FTTP.

Does KCOM Offer a TV service?

KCOM has not invested in providing TV services with its broadband deals.

Is KCOM Broadband Good Value for Money?

KCOM is offering excellent value for your money. The packages start from £25 a month and provide an average speed of 36Mbps, faster than the UK government's definition of superfast (30Mbps).

How Fast Is KCOM Broadband?

On average, customers can expect speeds of 36Mbps. 

However, the speed you'll get depends on several factors outside the company's control, like how far away your house is from one of KCOM's local exchanges or whether there are any problems with the cables between your home and the company.

I Live in Hull, Is KCOM My Only Option?

No, there's a range of different providers in Hull, and KCOM isn't the cheapest. However, the company assures you will get the best service, considering how close it is to reach its customers.

What Happens When My KCOM Contract Ends?

The customer can cancel KCOM broadband once the minimum contract has expired, but the service will continue. Still, it is essential to note that prices are likely to increase after this expiration.

Customer cancellations will become effective after one month from the cancellation date unless the customer chooses a different date. KCOM has the right to terminate a contract if a customer fails to meet their fair usage commitments or fails to pay their bills.

KCOM customers who upgrade their contract at any point (i.e., upgrade to a faster package) will see their minimum contractual term start over from zero.